3 Digital Ad Platforms That Don’t Require Big Budgets


Navigating the world of digital advertising with lean marketing budget is a daunting task. Perhaps you’ve heard of programmatic advertising but got confused by the technicalities or turned off by the minimum budget requirement from media agencies.

The good news is that there are highly effective digital ad platforms that are small business-friendly too! In fact, you can start your ad campaign with as little as $10/day charged to your credit card.

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3 Content Marketing Strategies Media Brands Can Learn From Magazines

Originally published on International News Media Association

Content marketing has become an increasingly significant component in the digital marketing mix. In a highly digitised world, marketers are confronted with the task of marketing to a Millennial demographic with unprecedented appetite for content consumption in a fragmented media environment.

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Decoding the Millennial Woman

Originally published on SPH Magazines Blog

Google “millennials” and you’ll find no dearth of literature on this topic. Millennials are a generation that people love to hate. Typically written off as a narcissistic, selfie-loving and entitled generation that overshares on social media, millennials (born between 1980- 1995) are now coming of age and will soon represent the largest demographic of working adults, making them the masters of household purse-strings worldwide (ca ching), as such, given the consumerist society we live in, must now be taken seriously.

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